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Meet Mrs.JoyGale

I'm Kaileen
Daughter of Diana



I grew up with photos displayed in every room of my house, and I mean every room. We even had them in our bathrooms! Each photo was a perfect and beautiful snapshot of my family’s story. We owe these precious moments captured to the woman working behind the lens-- my mother, Diana Gale.

My Mom is the one who taught me the love of photography, and now that she has passed, the pictures she took are even more valuable. She not only gifted me with wonderful photographs to hold forever, but she taught me to see beauty in the small moments of every day. 

My mother is my inspiration and so I combined both of our middle names, mine being Joy, and her’s being Gale.
- creating mrs.joygale.


Story Behind the Name

My Approach

I don’t just want to take killer photos. I want to catch a memory. To make time stand still and capture the story of YOU. I’ll make sure we get to know each other before I even pull out the camera because I want you to feel relaxed and have a great time! When it comes to telling the story of you, I am committed to doing my absolute best and that means more than just a professional relationship to me. I want to laugh with you, share your stories and your joy! 

And don’t stress about all those perfect Pinterest poses! I’ll be there to guide you while capturing all the laughter, dancing, and smiling! We all have our weird quirks, and I want to capture the authentic and raw moments.

cliff notes - chill & be you

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Finding We're a Good Fit?

This is Lucas, a golden retriever's spirit and my forever best friend. We've been together since 2014 and still to this day it amazes me with how much energy a human can possibly have. He's a handy man who's built multiple pieces of furniture for our home. But what I love most of all about this dude is his serving heart, (I mean he's always carrying around my camera gear!)

Here's a little about mine

I was born & raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Now based in Kansas City, Missouri. I like to call both KCMO and Omaha my home bases, they're only 2.5hrs away!
I've grown a major love for KC with all the coffee shops & events going on.

Here's a little about mine

If you haven't visited my IG feed yet and seen this guy plastered all over my stories, then let me properly introduce you to our 68yr old toothless cat, Tomato.
We fell in love with this guy as soon as we saw him listed at the shelter! I don't know what it is about elderly cats, but they have a special place in my heart. 
Don't worry, we are dog lovers as well! But Tomato demands all the attention.

Here's a little about mine

Although we're loving the midwest life, we have an itch to get out and adventure other pretty parts of the states. 
We love to camp & head towards high views & any place that lets us do some biking.

Here's a little about mine

Here's a little about mine



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