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Time to lay it down; I view wedding photography (and really any special occasion I'm shooting) as an investment. Want to know what cost the most on my wedding day? Yup, you guessed it, my photographer. I wanted someone who would capture beautiful images that told the story of my wedding day so I could look back and still remember exactly how it felt 50 years from now.

Now, I am not telling you that the biggest bill for your wedding day needs to be the photographer! Get that dream dress you have been eyeing since Freshman year or rent out the whole zoo for your big day! What I am saying is, don’t just hire Joe Shmo with a point and shoot. Invest in someone who is ready to give 100% to you and your day.

Long story short: You deserve a photographer who will fit your needs. If you invest in me, know that I am going to invest right back.


elopements +
Destination Weddings


- 6hrs of coverage
-assist with timeline
-300+ full resolution images
-professional editing

- 1hr coverage
-1 location
-50+ full resolution images
-professional editing
-print release for all images

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Starting at $2,600


starting at $375

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