this is a time where all the in-between moments

Truly Matter

Kind Words


Kaileen made our special day and even the days leading up to it absolutely perfect! On the day of she made everyone feel comfortable while taking pictures and had many tips and tricks to make everything look more natural and less staged. Every time I received the sneak peaks I became even more excited to see the rest of them!

Let’s start with a confession; I absolutely hate The Notebook. Yeah. You read that right. I am really not into all that mushy gushy stuff, which probably makes you wonder how I could be a wedding photographer. I get it! How can you be a wedding photographer and not be a romantic? Honestly, I think this is what gives me an edge above the rest!

I want to capture what is real, raw, and sometimes hard. I’m not going to romanticize things for the sake of being beautiful. My goal is to get to the core and capture your relationship how it really is. 

Love looks like so many different things. I’ll capture the hand-holding, the snuggles, and the sweet kisses, but I am here to capture so much more! I want to show your love story unfolding, the story of how you became best friends.

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